Kooky Kitty Takes Down Window Treatment With Daring Leap

March 19, 2018

Cats and windows have a complicated relationship. On one hand, the windows provide cats with their primary source of warmth on most days. How many times have you seen a comfortable snoozing feline basking in the warm rays of sunshine radiating through a west-facing window? On the other hand, windows usually have curtains, blinds, or some combination of the two. And these things, not unlike many other things in this world, fall into the category of “stuff cats like to hit.”
A cat stares at a window treatment with vertical blinds, preparing to pounce.

For whatever reason, that top curtain rod must have been really, really enticing. It was probably the height, since achieving uncharted vertical feats seems to be a constant feline goal. Honestly, though? Who really knows— it’s a cat! Their motives are nothing if not consistently mysterious.

The kitty stares down the curtain rod, gets set, readies himself (a few times, if you’re counting), and then: pounces with all his might! Spoiler alert: he ALMOST makes it.
Well, that’s one way to redecorate!

The cat leaps, gets within a paw’s grasp of reaching the ultimate goal, before the rod he did reach completely gives out and comes crashing to the floor with an unceremonious thud.

Unbeknownst to us, the owner was sitting on the chair of flight origin the entire time. She gets up in a huff, disgusted at her pet. It would seem she didn’t realize that another person in the room suspected something exactly like this what would happen, and was filming just in case it did. Perhaps the scorn directed at the cat was softened once she saw the video gem her cohabitant captured. Either way, this is one kookoo kitty we won’t soon forget!

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