Lame Dad Faceplants Off Bike Ramp Trying To Impress Kids

May 15, 2018

Take out your notepads, everyone. We have a very special lesson today. It’s a rather entertaining lesson on how NOT to ride a bike. Out teacher for today will be the hilarious father from this video. Please be sure to take notes. And, DO NOT do this at home. LOL!

Learning how to ride a bike is always so entertaining. The entire experience has its ups and downs, but it’s an overall positive period of our childhood lives. When the children from this video got their bike, they asked their father to teach them how to ride it. Who better to teach them than their own parent, right?

Children look up to their parents, they see them as their role models and they strive to become like them. So, it’s only natural this father was in charge of teaching his youngsters how to ride a bike. Unfortunately, the moment when we tune in is a little bit deeper into the lesson. The children have already learned the basics, and now their father is teaching them some new tricks. However, one of them ended up badly for the father, and hilariously for the children.

When he was about to ride over the bike ramp, instead of continuing his ride smoothly, he faceplanted the ground. Ouch! So, what’s the takeaway from all of this? Hmmm…don’t do it? Stick to the normal bike riding and pass on the bike ramp. I’ll go with that.

Luckily, the man, also known as our HOW NOT TO teacher, didn’t get hurt. So we can laugh as much as we want at this hilarious situation. Isn’t this one of the most entertaining lessons you’ve had in a while? LOL!

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