Lazy Baby Takes Roomba For Leisurely Sunday Joy Ride

May 7, 2018

Talk about taking a nice, leisurely Sunday drive.

Here’s an adorable baby who’s plopped himself onto a Roomba and is taking it for a spin around the kitchen. “Because the baby already has an affinity for cleaning?” you ask. That’s a good guess, but no. Especially considering babies have no idea what Roomba’s even do. To them, a Roomba is just a slow moving growling machine. You also might be wondering, “How does the Roomba feel about this baby sitting on it?” Good question. The Roomba seems just fine with it, mostly because it’s a machine capable of continuing its normal daily chores despite having a baby sitting on its back.

Who knew the Roomba had so much power? What kind of horse power are we talking with a vehicle like that? One twentieth of a horse? One fiftieth? Pretty impressive this gadget is capable of still cleaning the floor while a baby lazily sits on top of it.

The family gets a good laugh from their joy riding baby. Which is good because in a few years, that baby will be far too big to sit on the family Roomba without flattening it! So get your laughs in now, folks!

Are there Roomba’s that adults can drive? I guess a street sweeper counts as an adult sized Roomba. For what it’s worth, I would love nothing more than to drive a street sweeper for a day. Heck, I’d even do it for free. I’m not trying to put anyone out of work, I just think it would be fun to sit that high up, and be in control of a bunch of bristles. Is anyone listening in City Hall?!

Do you have an adorable video of your child playing with a rather unusual toy? If so, send it to us HERE!

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