Lazy Dog Chauffeured Like Miss Daisy In Baby Stroller By Fellow Dog

May 1, 2018

We all know dogs to be loyal and faithful companions who are often willing to do anything for their owners. But even the biggest dog champion in the world might be caught off guard by this video. After all, this is a video of something you don’t see every day. In fact, it’s possible you’ve never seen this before in your entire life. Here’s a video of a dog, pushing another dog, in a baby stroller.

Yes! You read that right. One of the dogs always rides, the other one always pushes. Don’t ask me how they coordinated that, presumably via a series of barks, but they clearly don’t like deviating from what works best for them. The pusher dog gets on his hind legs and balances himself with his front legs. The other dog just sits back and enjoys the ride! Is it strange that I’m literally jealous of the dog in the stroller getting chauffeured around town?

Honestly, if it were one hundred years ago, you could take these two dogs on the road with the circus and they’d become the most famous traveling act in America. I can see the headlines now, “Meet Roscoe, The Dog Who Babies All The Other Dogs!”

Also, here’s my favorite part. My initial response to the first clip was that it must’ve been staged by the owners for their friends or to make the video go viral. But you can tell pretty quickly this wasn’t just a one-time only staged photo op. There are four different clips of the dog pushing his buddy in the baby stroller. Leading one to believe, they literally do this all the time!

Do you have a video of your pets getting along swimmingly? Or your dogs acting like they’re human? If so, send it to us HERE!

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