Little Boy Dances Like He’s Auditioning For America’s Got Talent

June 13, 2018

I remember the good ole days as a kid when I would dance to Raffi music. Don’t get me wrong, Raffi still has a special place in my heart, always will. My kids listen to him as well. But I must be honest, new fangled music for kids is so upbeat and exciting. Like the song in this video. This kid literally can’t help himself but dance. But I can’t blame him, while watching the video I got up and danced myself! It’s just really contagious music.

I’m amazed at how good this kid is at dancing. Notice all the moves he makes. Sure, his eyes and face are transfixed on the TV screen but his body is going about a million miles a minute nonetheless. He’s moving his arms, shaking his booty, and pretty much just cutting a rug all over the living room. All the while completely engrossed in everything that’s happening on the TV screen. They must be showing him how to dance. Mental note: next time this little guy is having a temper tantrum, perhaps throw this video on the TV and watch all the stress and the tears just melt away.

What songs did you dance to when you were a kid? What kind of music really got you moving back then? Back in those days, I was a Lion King Soundtrack guy, myself. Man, I still sing that music to myself all the time. Circle of Life or Can You Feel The Love Tonight are such great songs. My kids prefer faster paced music. They like hip hop that’s designed for kids. Sure, it pierces my soul to hear music like that playing from their bedrooms but to each their own!

When was the last time you saw someone dancing like no one was watching? It’s pretty rare, isn’t it? Even if you’re out with your friends and dancing on the dance floor, you’re still pretty aware of who’s watching. Maybe you’re trying to get someone’s attention with your dancing (never once worked for me, mind you) or maybe you’re just letting some steam out (which dancing is great for). But most of us, when we’re dancing, we don’t just let go and move to the music. I dance like a robot. We can’t help but feel inhibited, or like someone is watching and making fun. Literally every time I hit the dance floor my basic assumption is that someone elsewhere in the room is recording my every move so they can post the video to my Facebook page later and embarrass me in front of everyone. I’ve told everyone at AFV if someone ever submits a video of me dancing, throw it away! So this kid is really refreshing. He’s dancing to the beat of his own drum and we salute him for it!

Do you have a video of your son or daughter cutting a rug? You know, dancing like there’s no tomorrow? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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