Little Boy Has Cutest Fail Ever When He Can’t Make Snow Angel

June 13, 2018

This little guy is struggling in the snow. But he’s not struggling to walk in the snow because there’s too much of it. Or because his boots are too big. No, he’s struggling for a reason we’re not used to seeing. This little boy is struggling to make a snow angel! Who knew they could be so hard to make? But let me tell you, his snow angel fail is about as adorable as it gets.

Let’s be fair about this. Making a stone angel isn’t necessarily intuitive. You usually have to watch a few people make one first, whether it’s on TV or in person, and then you can try your hand at it. In the case of this video, it seems like this little guy has never been instructed on how to make one. Sure, he’s got a few parts in order: he’s got the laying down in the snow on his back part down. But he’s really struggling with the whole legs and arms waving around in the snow part. Which is to say, he’s not even in the ballpark! He keeps waving and dangling his arms in the air, like he’s waiting them at a concert. It almost looks like he’s worshiping at church! “No honey, it’s not time to praise the heavens, we’re making snow angels. Get those arms and legs in the snow!”

His mom can’t stop cracking up at how adorable his snow angel fail is. This poor guy is going to stand up thinking he’ll see a beautiful angel impression in the snow. But he’s only going to find a huge divot where his butt was! I guess you live and you learn. Maybe his mom and dad are going to have to get in the snow themselves and show him how it’s done.

When was the last time you made a snow angel? You forget how fun it is to play in the snow. I’ve been in a warm climate for about five years and at least a couple times a year, I have an insatiable craving to either jump in the snow or sled down a big hill. I know, I know, you probably think I’m crazy. Everyone who lives in cold weather climates are always jealous of all the sun we get in California but it goes both ways! Some days I’m tired of the sunny days and I grow jealous of all the dreary, snowy days you guys get! How about this, next time it’s sleeting, cold and miserable in your hometown, think of me and live it up!

I’m sure it was just a matter of time before this little guy was making master snow angels. And here’s hoping there wasn’t a thaw for days so he could marvel at his work for days to come! Enjoy!

Do you have a video of your child failing in the most adorable way? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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