Little Boy Hates Hearing Happy Birthday Song, Even On His Own Birthday

June 14, 2018

Birthday is usually one of the happiest days in a year, especially when you’re just a kid. You get to have a small B-day party with your family and friends. They all bring you some nice presents, and as the grand finale, you get to blow all the candles on your birthday cake while the rest of the party sings “Happy Birthday” in your honor! Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? But it seems some kids don’t enjoy it as much as I thought!

And a kid in this video goes further than that! He is so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it out! The birthday boy in this video refuses to participate in his own birthday celebration and sits down in the dirt while his father is lighting up the candles. When everyone starts to sing the song, he begins to scream, kick, and cry before he literary runs away from his birthday crowd! LOL!

Awww… I feel sorry for this kid! Why he hates his own birthday? It’s not like he turns 30! He is still young, so it’s natural to love his birthdays. There’s plenty of time for detesting birthdays. LOL!

Celebrating birthdays comes from ancient Greeks. They believed that each person had a spirit that attended his or her birth, and kept watch. Something of a guardian angel. According to Greeks, that spirit had a mystic relation with the God on whose birthday the person was born. So they celebrated that day to honor their guardian angel.

Candles came a bit later. The Germans are the ones responsible for this birthday tradition in the 1700s. They put candles on cakes for “kinderfeste,” one for each year of life, along with some extras to signify upcoming years. The candles were the symbol of light, they were on the cake to fight the darkness, and as a response to the evil spirits. They showed up to communicate with the gods.

But today, we do all this for fun. And for presents, as well! We’re not thinking about evil spirits or the fight between light and dark. We’re thinking of whether we’re gonna get that new iPhone! LOL! But the kid in our video only thinks of one – when’s this thing going to end? Will they leave me alone??? LOL! I get you, little fella!

Does your kid hate birthdays, too? We’d love to see that! Upload your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch a funny video below!

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