Little Boy Jams Banana Down His Gullet Like It’s His Job

April 5, 2018

We all love trying out new foods. And when we fall in love with one of them, we can’t seem to stop eating it. For some, that is usually pasta or ice cream, but for this little one in the video, it’s banana.
The adorable toddler in the video loves fruit! And the banana is his favorite.

Eating a banana in only one big bite seems almost impossible for most of the adults, but for this adorable tot boy, it’s just like a piece of (banana) cake! You just have to see it to believe it. There is no doubt that banana is this baby boy’s favorite fruit, but still, his eating technique is absolutely astonishing. It looks like he’s simply inhaling it. Even his parents are surprised by his ability to swallow it in just a few seconds, and so are we. While many parents have a lot of trouble making their children eat their fruits and veggies, this happy family must feel pretty lucky to have a son like this. They don’t have to worry if their baby son is eating well as this little fellow is a real banana eating machine! Well done, boy! This must be impressive even for people who are hard to impress.
Give your child options. It takes time for kids to learn what they like!

The family in the video is really lucky. Their son loves his fruits, especially bananas. But what to do if your child dislikes fruits and veggies? Fear not, there’s a solution! Give your children more options. For every healthy food, there’s an alternative. Find one that your child loves. Another interesting solution may be to include them in meal preparation. That can be fun and very beneficial. You can also try introducing new foods with a fantastic story. For example, Popeye loves his spinach and it makes him very strong. Who wouldn’t want to eat that magical food?

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