Little Boy Running On Beach Has Nascar Like Collision With Another Kid

May 4, 2018

It’s like a scene out of Baywatch. Except usually on Baywatch, the lifeguards didn’t crash into people while running.

I rarely go to the beach. Ocean water terrifies me, it is full of trash and I hate taking my shirt off in public. But I recognize most people enjoy spending a day laying in the sand, splashing in the waves and running along the waters edge. Just a word for the wise for those running on the beach: make sure you look where you’re going!

Here’s an eager little guy sprinting on the beach. He is absolutely feel of glee, smiling for the camera and running at a pretty good clip for a kid his age. All of which sets the stage for him to crash into another kid he didn’t notice was also running right towards him. Who knows, maybe the other kid was doing the same thing and they just crossed paths at the wrong time. I feel like this kind of collision happened all the time when I was younger. At what age do we learn to actually look where we’re running? Then again perhaps we never do, I walked into a metal beam at the grocery store the other day because I was on Instagram while shopping.

Anyway, right after running into each other, the kids start to cry immediately. Something tells me the parents had to pull out all the stops and flag down an ice cream vendor to dry up those tears. Who knows where those kids are today. Probably bored at their day jobs, perhaps even reading this blog! Hey guys! Hope your bruises healed and the ice cream made it all worth it.

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