Little Boy Swallows Squeaky Toy And Does Uncanny Dolphin Impersonation

February 26, 2018

All parents will agree with me when I say that my sons land themselves in some crazy situations! I can’t even begin to tell you some of the things my boys have gotten themselves into. Boys will be boys, which normally means that my guys injure themselves in some bizarre ways. Just another day in the life of raising sons! But out of all the crazy things my kids have done, they’ve never pulled ANYTHING like this little boy did! I couldn’t believe my eyes — or ears! — when I saw this.
Is that kid… squeaking?! I can’t imagine how the nurses kept a straight face treating this emergency room patient…

If you thought your kids were crazy, imagine being this kid’s mom and finding out he swallowed his dog’s toy! This little boy landed himself in the emergency room after inhaling the squeaker from his pup’s favorite chew toy. Uhhh, hey kid — what on earth were you doing putting your pup’s stuff in your mouth?

While no parent wants to see their kid in the hospital, this was a hilarious exception. Mom could barely stop laughing as her son squeaked with every inhale. This kid sounds like a dolphin squeaking like that! Man, can you imagine if he’d gone to school like that? THAT would teach him not to chew on his dog’s toys!
This little bonehead can’t stop squeaking every time he inhales! This has got to be the best dolphin impression I’ve ever heard…

From the looks of it, it seems like this little guy gets himself into this type of situation often. He’s not even scared being in the hospital. Thankfully he didn’t choke or appear to hurt himself. But I sure bet his ego was bruised from the incident!

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