Little Boy Thinks He Flushed His Dad Down The Toilet

February 6, 2018

Practical jokes are the backbone of viral videos. There’s just something about watching the clever and mischievous planning of the prank, the anticipation of how it will all play out, and the reaction of the unsuspecting person being prey-nked upon. I was never great at pranks, personally. On the rare occasion I thought of a great idea for one, I could never keep a straight long enough to execute it properly. On the flip side of that, I’m also not a great sport when it comes to being pranked. My reaction can usually be summed up as embarrassed and unamused. Regardless, I still love scrolling through my feed, pausing on an awesome prank video just like this one, and sitting back to watch it all unfold.
This dad’s potty prank on his tot son makes him an evil genius!

And the best part is, I don’t even think this particular prank was planned! This dad just happened to call out to his tot son and daughter from the room next to them, making it suspiciously sound like his voice was coming from inside the toilet!
Being young and gullible, his son was immediately on board with the idea that his dad was flushed down the toilet, and needs help getting out. He really believes dad is stuck in the toilet, but he’s more than ready to save him!

Adorably, he crouches down and yells into the toilet bowl to tell him dad he’s going to save him. Meanwhile, his sister keeps nonchalantly kicking the bottom of the toilet, and doesn’t seem to be of much help in the rescue mission. But that’s okay, because this boy is determined and ready to go. Don’t worry dad, he’s coming for you!

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