Little Boy Turns Automatic Trunk Opener Into Carnival Ride

June 12, 2018

Talk about making the best of the situation. This little guy was probably in the mood to go to the county fair that day and ride some of the rides. But his parents weren’t in the mood to go. So instead, he made the rides come to him and he transformed his parents automatic trunk opener into a ride! One that, I must confess, actually looks kind of fun to ride.

If you’re anything like me, you’re watching this video with sweaty palms. The moment that trunk starts to slowly makes its way up, all I can think about is him falling on his butt and the ensuing tears. That’s the kind of accident that takes three or four hours to get over for a kid that age. You know what I mean. Certain scrapes and falls just kind of roll off their backs. But sometimes a kid hurts themselves in such a way that it takes them an entire afternoon to get over it emotionally. To be clear, it doesn’t still hurt. They’re not in pain. But the injustice of their boo-boo is too strong. That’s what I thought was going to happen in this video. Boy was I wrong!

Once the hood reaches the top of its arc, it can tell something is still hanging on. So it just slowly eases its way back down. And the boy jumps off the”ride” at the bottom again, right where he started. It really is like a carnival ride. Admittedly, one that probably shouldn’t cost more than three or four cents to ride. And the look on this kid’s face when the ride is over is priceless. He seems pretty pleased with himself, you can tell. He probably got his thrill seeking in for the day with that ride!

Did you ever do things like this when you were a kid? Turn a very ordinary or innocuous gadget into a toy? The imagination of a child is so vivid that they can make fun out of basically anything. Just leave it up to a kid to have fun playing in a box for more than five hours. Every single Christmas I spend dozens of hours shopping for my children, and they inevitably spend more time playing with the boxes that housed the toys then the toys themselves. I would say it’s a waste of hundreds of dollars on toys, but the joy they get from those boxes is too much to ignore! Hey, to each their own!

Something tells me this family shouldn’t give their kid the car keys anytime soon. Not because he’s going to take a joyride by driving it anywhere. But I’m guessing he’ll take the trunk ride 20 or 30 more times if you let him! And maybe they should, hey we’re only kids once!

Do you have a video of your child having fun with the most atypical, innocuous “toy” imaginable? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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