Little Girl Drives Parents Crazy By Not Getting How Gender Reveal Cake Works

January 29, 2019

Have you ever seen a gender reveal cake before? You probably have. Even if it wasn’t something you did to reveal the gender of your own child, you’ve probably seen a video of it online. Here’s how it works, in the off chance you haven’t been on the internet since 2009: someone bakes a cake (presumably vanilla) and colors it the gender of the child (blue for boy, pink for girl). Then they ice it. So the expecting parents, or family members, don’t know the gender of the child until they cut into the cake and see what color it is. Does this sound like a somewhat convoluted way of finding out you’re having a boy? Of course. But hey, let them have their moment. Enough back story, let’s move onto the video…

This hilarious little girl drives her parents crazy by not getting how gender cakes work. 

This video is hilarious because, as simple as a gender reveal cake sounds to you or I, this little girl finds the whole thing very confusing. The videos starts as the parents sit their daughter in front of a frosted cake with two question marks on it (one blue, one pink). The scene is set. Once they cut into the cake, she’ll find out if she’s getting a brother or sister. Then, they cut into it to reveal a stripe of BLUE frosting! It’s a boy! But wait… she doesn’t get it. They ask their daughter what color she sees and she says “blue and pink!” The parents are like, “No, not the question marks, what color frosting inside the cake.” Once again she doesn’t get it. The little girl looks very closely and sees a little pink frosting at the top of the cake. Her parents are like, “are you kidding me right now?”

Don’t worry, this sweet little girl eventually gets it. But it takes a while!

Let’s be fair about this, anyone that age is allowed to be confused by this bizarre cake ritual. Also, she’s probably just really distracted with how delicious the cake looks. I have a hard time concentrating when there’s sliced cake in the vicinity as well. In fact, there’s an office birthday party right now and I’m basically not even looking at the screen while I type. Imagine how hard it is for a kid who doesn’t get to eat cake that much. 

People really tend to make a big deal out of this baby gender announcement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a big deal. There’s usually a big difference between raising a boy and a girl. But the announcements just tend to be so over the top! “Take a hot air balloon ride with a blind fold on, the prevailing winds will drift us over a field of flowers that were planted six weeks ago that are now blooming. Remove the blind folds to see the color of the flowers to find out if you’re having a boy or girl!” Okay, cool, or maybe the doctor can tell me. 

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