Little Girl Ends Up With Live Lizard Earring When It Chomps Down And Won’t Leg Go

June 12, 2018

When a new fashion trend arrives and bloggers all over the world start promoting it, women can’t wait to get their hands on that specific clothing item, or jewelry piece those bloggers are wearing. And I know this because I too am a woman who absolutely loves fashion, and there’s little I would not try when it comes to fashion trends. However, there are certain trends I’ve said “no” to in the past, and this one seems like something I would definitely say “no” to. Let’s just hope this doesn’t become widely accepted, and people start showing up to parties like this. I really dislike lizards, so this would be a big “no-no” for me. I would definitely think twice if I were this little girl. But, I have to applaud her courage!

However, everyone has a right to make their own fashion choices. And we can all agree that nobody should be judged for the style choices they make. However, people sometimes take their jewelry game a little too far. And the little girl from this video is a perfect example of that! You just have to watch this video, it will blow your mind for sure!

The little girl was having so much fun at a kids’ party. She’s got her face painted, but she was missing some jewelry. Not a problem at all! Her mom stepped up to help her with that. She brought a real-life lizard and attached it to the little girl’s earlobe as if this tiny animal was an earring! OMG! How crazy is that as a jewelry choice? And the funniest part is the fact that the lizard won’t let go of the girl’s ear! Unbelievable!

What do you think? Would you dare and try something like this? I think this little girl is extremely brave because I would never dare and put a lizard on my ear. Even though I love earrings, and have tried various styles of jewelry, this is something I would definitely not want to see on my ear. Or anywhere near my face. LOL! That’s why I’m so amazed by what this little one has done. Bravo! But I do hope she doesn’t try this again. LOL! What a hilarious idea!

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