Little Girl Gets Caught After Coat Snags On Fence She Shouldn’t Be Climbing

June 13, 2018

Hm, I wonder if this little girl has been climbing the fence, even though she’s not supposed to be. If she has been climbing it, how could we tell if she has? How could we tell? Tough call. Well, maybe if she’s still stuck on the fence because her coat got caught on it. That would tip the scales!

The best part of having a kid is catching them red-handed doing something they’re not supposed to do. It’s usually pretty adorable. Like, when my son once told me he hadn’t just eaten a chocolate donut, but there was chocolate all over his face. Yeah, I think you’re lying to me, little guy. That kind of stuff really makes parenting so fun. And this video is no exception. This dad finds his daughter gently hanging a few inches off the ground because her coat got stuck on the fence. Don’t worry, she’s just fine! But she’s not supposed to climb the fence so now she’s in trouble. Or at least she will be, once someone gets her down!

There’s actually two little girls in this video. The older sister climbed over the fence just fine. She’s still laughing and having a good time. She’s probably having fun now because she’s about to get into trouble for climbing the fence. Maybe she’s just happy that she’s learned how to scale a fence without getting caught. It’s her sister who’s holding them back! The dad takes everything in stride, he seems like a patient guy. He sees his daughter just dangling there and starts teasing her a little bit. Some of the things he says are hilarious, especially considering that this girl can’t even see him yet because she can’t turnaround. That must be no fun, getting into trouble and you can’t even see how mad your dad’s face is yet because you can’t turn around.

What’s the maddest your parents ever got at you? What did you do to really draw their ire? Was it something physical, like climbing the fence that you’re not supposed to climb? Or more psychological based, like getting caught lying to them? My dad would always get so angry if he caught us in a lie. I told him once that “everyone lies,” and he said “I’ve never lied in my life.” Turns out he’s telling the truth! How bizarre.

Now this father has a conundrum on his hands. Should he build a larger fence to deter his children from climbing it? Or will that simply encourage them to climb a bigger, more dangerous fence? I’m guessing he’ll leave the fence as it is. Since even if you stumble climbing over a fence that size, the farthest you’ll fall is about two feet. It’s almost like a starter fence! Well stay away from the fence, girls! Be careful out there!

Do you have a video of your child stuck somewhere? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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