Little Girl In Backseat Freaks Out When Convertible Roof Closes

August 6, 2018

You ever play a trick on your kid? Even if you’re not the natural prankster, you’ve probably tricked them a few times, right? There’s something kind of fun about scaring your kids. Their faces and reactions can be so extreme and hilarious (and adorable). The dad in this video, however, pretty much upstages us all with the ultimate convertible top prank. And his daughter may just have the emotional scars to prove it.

The video opens with a little girl sitting in the back seat of a parked convertible with its top down. But she’s sitting alone, the only one in the car. Her father is recording her from outside the car. But just as the video starts, the roof of the convertible starts to close. As we all know, this is a perfectly safe and mundane action for a convertible roof to do. And that’s exactly where the fun comes in. The dad starts to say, “oh my God, oh my God!” as the roof slowly closes in on the girl. This triggers her to…. well, freak out. Following the lead of her father, she starts to think something very bad is happening. Now, add into the equation a moving roof (which a kid that age has probably never seen before) and she’s basically convinced it’s about to close in on her and trap her forever. By the time the roof has come to rest on top of the car, the girl is solidly in tears.

The video isn’t very long, so we don’t even see the conclusion. By conclusion, I mean we don’t see the relief on her face when she realizes that the convertible roof closing really isn’t that big of a deal. Presumably there was a moment in which she saw that everything was okay, stopped crying, looked at her daddy (who’s now laughing his butt off) and screamed at him for duping her. But again, my guess is that was all edited out. So we’ll just have to assume it happened. Will she have PTSD style scars for the rest of her life every time a convertible roof closes above her? It’s possible. Will her father watch this video every day for the next four or five years? Very likely.

Why is it so fun to scare your kids like this? Is it the adorable look of fear on their face even though you know they aren’t in any danger at all? Maybe it’s just knowing that they won’t be little for long, and scaring them will be almost impossible in a decade or so. Seriously, just imagine trying to scare a teenage millennial. It’ll be challenging enough just to get them to look up from their phones. And once they see what you’re trying to do, they’ll just roll their eyes and log back into Snapchat.

So at the end of the day, even though this video might’ve been ten seconds that were vaguely traumatic for this six year old, we loved it. And hope you did too! 

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