Little Girl Loses It When Mom Puts Baby Chick In Her Lap

May 16, 2018

You absolutely have to take a moment to enjoy this funny video! If you love animals, and all the funny things they do, you’ll absolutely adore this video. The best part is the fact the adorable little chicken isn’t actually doing anything, but the girl still freaks out! Her reaction is priceless. You’re about to see it for yourself. LOL!

It tells a story of a little girl’s close encounter with a chicken. At first, judging by the fact she tries to talk to the chicken, the little girl seems to be very interested in it. But as soon as her mom places the baby chick in her lap, she freaks out! OMG, how funny is this adorable toddler girl?

I’m not quite sure whether she is laughing because the baby chick is tickling her leg, or if she is screaming because the chicken scares her. LOL! Either way, her reaction is absolutely hilarious, and I just can’t stop watching this video because of it! It’s beyond hilarious!

And that’s not all. Here’s an interesting fact for all you chicken lovers all over the world. Did you know there are more than twenty-five billion chickens in the world? WOW! That’s a big number! Imagine that! With a number this big, it doesn’t come as a surprise there are more of them than any other bird species in the world. Unbelievable!

Chickens really are adorable, and this little one is so precious! I’m not sure but I would say the adorable baby chick was more scared of the little girl when she started screaming than the other way around. LOL! What do you think? What a hilarious situation!

Do you have a hilarious baby chick video you would love to share? Upload HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the adorable video below.

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