Little Girl Blames Her Makeup On A Pumpkin

January 20, 2017

This is an excuse that you’ve never heard before. She should get points for creativity. This adorable little girl got caught red-handed playing with her mom’s makeup. But this guilty girl blames her makeup on a pumpkin of all things. You do not want to miss out on this imaginative little girl’s full explanation of exactly how a pumpkin is to blame for the makeup that’s right on her forehead!
While this little girl tells stories full of fantasy and creativity, her mom is not buying it.

This little makeup artist is not the first one who tried to blame her mischief on someone else. She is adorable when she tries to blame the cupcake for the red mark on her face, but as her mom tells her that they have none, the little girl changes her story and blames the pumpkin. It’s amazing how creative she is, and how she is sticking to her story about the pumpkin.

It is true what they say, child’s mind is a wonder, full of ideas and creativity. Who would think to blame a pumpkin for a makeup mischief?
Makeup is good for creativity. It allows you to create endless works of art, and this little girl has that figured out.

Even though this little girl went into her mother’s makeup drawer without question, and should be in trouble for it, how can you get mad at her when she is trying to hide the obvious in this adorable way. Her reaction, in the end, is priceless. Be sure not to miss that.

This little girl is adorable, her excuses are very creative and there is no way you will not adore this video and play it over and over again. Want more videos like this? CLICK HERE.

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