Little Girl Party-Pooping On Her Own Birthday Celebration

August 7, 2018

Look, I feel this girl’s pain. I haven’t enjoyed my birthday since I turned twenty-three. And needless to say, without getting in specifics, I’ve had several birthdays since then. Every year, in early October, I get that dreaded pit in my stomach that my birthday is coming up. Ugh, it’s been another year already? I gotta invite my friends to meet at a bar so we can celebrate another year in which I haven’t conquered the world? What’s the point of celebrating then!? Well, at least that’s the pessimistic part of my brain that says that. I will confess a small part of me does get excited for my birthday because it means I get lots of presents. 

But if you’re young, like the girl in this video, your birthday should be nothing but excitement and wonder. It’s a day that’s exclusively about you! And if there’s one thing kids love, it’s being the center of attention. I think if you asked my six year old nephew what’s his ideal day, it would be playing his usual games on a stage in front of ten thousand people. Kids just like being the center of attention! Frankly, they’re already the center of attention as is. Birthdays just make it a little more official. When I spend the day with my kids, it’s all about what they want to do, what they want to eat, when they want to sleep, what they want to watch. Ugh! And when it’s their birthday, just throw a bunch of “happy birthdays” and cake into the mix. 

The fact that birthdays are usually beloved by kids of all ages makes this video so absolutely hilarious. Because this little girl is not in the mood to celebrate her birthday. She’s just not having it! Sure, she’s already in a princess dress, so she’s at least in the mood to pretend to be a princess. But when her parents gently knock on her bedroom door, it takes a few moments for her to open up. She’s taking her time. It’s her special day, no need to rush things. When she finally does open the door to reveal herself, her parents wish her a spirited “happy birthday” and she just turns her back and closes the door on them. That’s right, she shuts down her own parents while they’re wishing her a happy birthday. She’s just not having it today. We’ve all been there before with our kids. Even though we do everything we can to just love and nurture them, some days they simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed and spend the afternoon barking orders, crying and telling us to “go away.” 

Maybe her parents were able to cheer her up with some cake and ice cream. Maybe her presents did the trick? Although it’s possible if she didn’t get exactly what she wanted, it could send her into an even more moody tailspin. Either way, there’s always her birthday next year. And the year after. But I hope she gets more in the birthday spirit soon because once she hits twenty-three, it’s all downhill from there! 

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