Little Girl Recoils In Disgust From Cinnamon Smell On Dad’s Breath

June 13, 2018

Here’s a sweet video of a daddy cradling his little baby girl. Well, the video is sweet for the viewer at least. As you’ll soon learn, the baby girl isn’t having the best time. As it turns out, this father was just eating cinnamon, or something with cinnamon in it. And now his breath reeks like cinnamon. A fact that this little girl can barely deal with. Every time he breathes in her direction, her face twists and contorts itself with disgust. I’m guessing she won’t be the first to try the Cinnamon Challenge when she gets older!

Cinnamon really has a profound effect on some people. I think it tastes great, my brother thinks it’s the most disgusting flavor in the world. I imagine for kids this age, it might be too hot or spicy, even if it’s only been breathed on your face. Imagine being so young and sensitive that having cinnamon breathed on your face makes it tingle. Kind of like the time I was cutting jalapeños and then, without thinking, rubbed my eye. And then my eye burned for an hour!

The look on this girl’s face when she smells the cinnamon is priceless. She sticks her tongue out and contorts her face, then uses her arms to wave her dad’s face away. She’s basically doing the body language equivalent of “Get away from me daddy, you’re disgusting and you smell bad!” That’s probably what she’ll be saying constantly as a teenager, but she’s already saying it without words now!

Do you remember your child having really distinct preferences when they were young? Let’s be honest, kids aren’t known for having ‘distinguished palettes.’ Did your kids hate certain flavors or were they disgusted by you at times? When I was a kid, I hated spinach more than anything in the world. I remember getting a piece of spinach in my mouth once, and chewing it for at least ten minutes before I had to spit it out. The strange part is, as an adult I love spinach! It’s so bizarre how your tastes can shift so distinctly over time. For real, spinach really is the most delicious, sweet green you can buy. Sauté it with a little butter and you’re good to go! Sometimes I wish I could go back to childhood with the palette I have now and re-eat all of those delicious homemade dinners. What did you hate as a kid that you love as an adult?

Well hopefully this little girl got used to her dad’s fire cinnamon breath. I’m guessing he won’t stop eating the spice for her sake. Although you never know, maybe her initial distaste will subside and she’ll grow to love cinnamon! Either way, at the very least we got to see her adorable face the first time she smelled cinnamon.

Do you have a video of your child recoiling in disgust from something? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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