Little Girl Screams And Cries With Joy When Mom Pranks Her With New Puppy

June 8, 2018

Some pranks are at the expense of the one being pranked. Others, like this one, are delightful surprises for the one being pranked. Some delightful pranks include surprise birthday parties, surprising your kids with a trip to Disneyland, and many more. This particular prank is of the animal variety. After all, one thing many boys and girls itch for as children is a pet. In this little girl’s case, she is dying to get a puppy. When her mom finally broke down and got her one, her mom decided to surprise her through a very clever prank. There really is nothing better than turning a bad situation into a happy one. So that’s exactly what this devious mom did.

Mom positioned their new dog in a storage box. Presumably, this storage box is where this little girl usually keeps her clothes. So, Mom calls her daughter into her room to scold her for not putting her clothes away like she was supposed to. When the little girl enters the room, she looks rather flummoxed. She was fairly sure that she put her clothes away! So, she opens up the storage box to make sure. Maybe some gremlin came in and messed with her stuff. If that was the case, she’d have to find someone to blame really quick. Luckily, the only gremlin messing with her stuff is the furry little gremlin Mom hid inside the box.

When the little girl pulls the lid off the box, she’s instantly greeted by the eager head of a three year-old dog. Within a split second, the little girl is SCREAMING with joy. If I didn’t know any better, I would have though something horrible had happened. That kind of ear-splitting scream belongs in the horror movies. But it can be said, without a doubt, that this little girl is filled with pure and undiluted joy. She continues to scream as she gathers the little dog in her arms. It seems like she might go hoarse from her frantic screaming and crying, but that doesn’t stop that happy train she’s riding.

She keeps crying over and over “I got a puppy!” Her family is quick to tell her that the dog is, in fact, three years-old. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the little girl. And if you’ve ever owned a dog, you know that no matter the dog’s age, they will always be a puppy to you. When the dog gets overwhelmed by everything that’s happening, the girl’s grandmother brings the dog back and deposits it in the girl’s arms. The little Yorkshire Terrier is clearly as overwhelmed by the day as this little girl. It’s understandable. A new family has been born!

The girl’s family tells her the dog’s name is Piper. Piper is her new puppy. Well, she’s not new and she’s not REALLY a puppy, but she’s new to her. And she’ll always be a puppy in the eye of the one that loves her.

Have you ever surprised someone with a pet? Upload a video of your experience HERE. And don’t forget to watch this little girl’s furry surprise in the video below!

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