Little Girl Sings Frozen with Her Dad

July 8, 2016

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Watch this girl sings Frozen with her dad, and we promise it will melt your heart! Although it’s been several years now since the movie came out, Frozen is still taking the world by storm. And that means endless, adorable videos of little kids, and sometimes adults, singing along to Frozen and showing their love for the movie.
This Little Girl Sings Frozen with Her Dad and Thaws All Frozen Hearts in No Time!

Frozen is definitely one of the most beloved animated movies of this century and it is also the highest-grossing animated film of all time. For a few who might not have watched the movie, here’s a little introduction. The story of Frozen takes place in a fictional land, and a kingdom called Arendelle. When this kingdom becomes trapped in never-ending winter,

Princess Anna, a fearless girl, decides to join forces with mountaineer Kristoff and his reindeer to find Snow Queen Elsa, Anna’s older sister, and to break her icy spell. Their epic journey leads them to many encounters with mystical beings in severe conditions, but their will and perseverance to save the kingdom seem to be stronger than the winter’s icy blast.

Just like the snow in Frozen, the song from this movie “Let It Go” is also everywhere and adored by the whole world. Everyone loves to sing it, but one parent took his video to a new level when he remixed “Let it Go” in the car with his little girl. Both belted the entire song, and you could say they had a lot of fun!


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