Little Girl Takes Bite Of Spinach And Acts Like It’s Chocolate Cake

August 6, 2018

Getting kids to eat is really challenging, isn’t it? Whenever we want them to eat, they aren’t hungry. Whenever dinner is served, they’re grossed out by whatever is on their plate. It’s like an age old struggle. As parents, we’re biologically predisposed to want to feed our kids endlessly. Just make sure their stomachs are full of food and then we can stop worrying… at least until the next meal. And yet, they rarely give us that! They rarely eat just what we want them to eat, basically they want candy instead of vegetables. If my five year old has his way, he’d never have eaten a real strawberry in his life. The only way he’d know what a strawberry tastes like is based on the strawberry flavored candy he shoves in his mouth all day. How strange is it that while they’re young, kids have the most particular and weird appetites? 

Anyway, this video is a perfect encapsulation of the challenge of feeding your kid. It opens with a little girl who refuses to eat. Every time the spoon gets even close to her mouth, she wiggles, pushed it away and starts to cry. She’s done, she’s had enough, she doesn’t want one more bite. But her mom isn’t satisfied yet. We’ve all been there before, am I right? We’re thinking to ourself, “Just one more bite. One more bite of food and I’ll be happy.” Of course, our kid has one more bite and then we think to ourselves, “Alright great. Good. Actually, maybe just two more bites.” Who knows, maybe the little girl in our video only had one bite of food before the video started and the rest is on her face. Ugh, the parent in me is already freaking out, “Just eat the food, kid!” 

So I gotta confess, I assumed this was a hopeless case. But the mom is pretty talented at this. So much so, it almost makes me a little jealous. While her child is squirming and making a fuss, she slips a spoon full of spinach mush into her daughter’s mouth. What do you expect the result to be? Will her little girl spit it out and cry some more? Will she get angry and continue to fight her mom? Nope! Not this time. The little girl in this video throws us quite a curveball. The moment the spinach hits her tongue, it’s like she’s in heaven! Just look at the reaction on her face. She’s in complete and utter awe. She’s probably thinking to herself, “Man, why was I fighting this so hard, that was delicious!” Honestly, it looks like she just tried chocolate cake for the first time. Her eyes bulge out of her head and all squirming stops. Okay, now she’s on board with eating again.

How strange that spinach is the one food that won her over? I hate spinach! Most kids like sweet things and not the green, savory stuff. But hey, food is food. If I were that mom, I’d stock up on spinach mush to have on hand next time her daughter is making a fuss over dinner! 

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