Little Girl Treats Swiffer Mop Like It’s Her New Favorite Doll

August 9, 2018

Kids get excited about the strangest things sometimes. For Christmas, when I was six or seven years old, I received a present that was actually a flashlight, but I thought it was a stick of deodorant. (I know that sounds strange, but this flashlight happened to be shaped like a stick of deodorant… plus I was a stupid six year old, what can I say!?) Regardless, I was unbelievably excited that I had just received deodorant. I didn’t know what deodorant was yet, I just knew that “big boys” like my dad used it. And all I wanted to do was be a big boy. So to me, it was the greatest present I had ever received. Just imagine the look of horror on my face when I realized it was in fact a boring old flashlight. Ugh, I secretly threw it in the trash the next day.

The girl in this video is kinda doing the same thing. She’s very excited about a purchase her mom just made. Her mom went out and bought…. a Swiffer! Yup, the mop. And this girl is playing with it like it’s her new favorite doll. She’s hugging it, and squeezing it, she’s bubbling over with excitement. She talks about how she’s always wanted one of these. Maybe if she were a little older, she’d have tears of joy running down her cheek. Have you ever seen someone using a mop like it’s their favorite stuffed animal? Well, if not, then check this out because this girl is in love.

The reason she loves Swiffer so much is because she’s eager to help her mom start cleaning around the house. Which is very sweet of her. I can’t blame her. Of all the “cleaning” style chores, mopping is my favorite. Because it’s easy to see the kind of progress you’ve made. As the mop bucket gets dirtier, you know you’re doing your job. It’s just that easy. Meanwhile, you can see the difference you’ve made in the floor too. Sometimes I pretend like I’m a human Zamboni and I’m cleaning the ice before the next period of a hockey game. See? I just made a game out of mopping! It’s the best.

Man, I bet this little girl is very easy to Christmas shop for. Just take a trip to Target and throw in a bunch of every day items that might make her feel like a ‘big girl.’ A Swiffer mop, some Pine Sol, one of those fancy scrubber toilet brushes, the list goes on. She has such enthusiasm. She already wants to help her mom around the house with the chores. And her mom seems quite eager to let her take a leading role in that. Seems like she won’t be the kind of kid who needs their arm twisted to do their chores every week.

Something tells me the thrill of Swiffering probably rubbed off after a few days. But you never know! Maybe as you read this, that little girl is still cleaning (scrubbing!) the already sparkling clean house for the second time today. And one day, she’ll grow up to be the kind of roommate who would hate living with this blogging slob!

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