Little Girl’s Fishing Trip Doesn’t Go According To Plan

May 17, 2018

Teaching your kids to fish is a fun way to bond over a relatively calm activity. I recall my dad teaching myself and my siblings how to fish during camping trips. For some reason we only fished when camped but we never really went on trips just for fishing. I do still have fond memories of my dad helping us learn how to use the rod, the bobbers and floats and how to properly hook bait.

The little girl in this video is learning how to fish from her dad but she doesn’t quite have it down yet. This is especially true when it comes to her cast. Which isn’t so much a cast as it is bodily heaving the entire rod and reel contraption into the lake or river where the family is fishing. Fortunately, it does not get caught in a current or float away. The dad is able to snag his daughter’s rod with his own and he is eventually able to pull it out of the water.

The whole time that her dad is retrieving the fishing rod, the little girl dances and smiles. She is quite proud of herself it seems. Some fishing history facts. We found some conflicting information that suggested that Neanderthals were fishing as early as 200,000 B.C. but apparently didn’t transfer to Homo Sapiens because the earliest evidence for that is from 40,000 years ago in China. To be clear, without more research we are not certain why African Neanderthals displayed fishing but that homo sapiens do not until appearing in Asia and Southeast Asia. History is weird like that sometimes.

Do you have videos of kids learning to fish or other camping or outdoor activities? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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