Tot Locks Dad In Doggy Crate

December 12, 2017

This one cracked me up! First off, how did the dad get himself into a predicament where he ended up in the doggy crate …literally LOL! The mom couldn’t stop laughing because the baby had no idea what he had done. She tries to tell him to unlock it, but the kid just plays around with the kennel notch and looks at her like, “Um, I don’t think so, Mom.”
Frankly, if you ask me, this dad actually looks relieved to be locked in the doggy crate! For once, he gets a break from babysitting!

Luckily, the mom was there because it could have been very dangerous if the circumstances were different. Then again, because the dad has a human hand, he could always reach through and unlock it, if worse came to worst.

The baby looks unbothered by the fact that his dad is in the fetal position inside a kennel, but some would say this is an example of physical comedy at its best. Imagine this happens and the family dog comes home from his walk and sees the dad in his doggy crate …he would probably be quite confused. And perhaps a little bit upset.
Many people don’t know that dogs tend to love their crates. They kind of look at them like their own little studio apartment. A place where they can go in, shut their gates and leave the rest of the world behind.

If the dad was taking up space without their doggy’s permission? He’d be like an apartment squatter! The dog would have to call the pup cops immediately and report the incident. Not the normal responsibilities of the family pet!

These parents are smart to raise their kids with a family pet. Studies show that kids who grow up with family pets are more confident, responsible and empathetic. Animals can help socialize children and improve the speed of their verbal skill formation. Now the dad just has to get out of the way, so their doggy can have his home back!

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