Lovestruck Little Boy Talks About Getting First Kiss From His Valentine

February 14, 2019

Do you remember the first kiss you ever got from someone you cared about? Yeah, me neither. But lots of people do because it’s a momentous and meaningful moment in their life. The kid in this video is a prime example of the power of a kiss. Clearly he received his first kiss from a girl at school today. And it’s really messing with him, in a good way of course! Listen to him confess to the camera how he’s feeling. It’s impossible to watch this video without smiling at least once and thinking back to your grade school crush. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out how this lovestruck little boy talks about getting first kiss from his valentine!

Jeez, you think he likes her?

This kid is talking straight into the camera without anyone around. That mean his parents aren’t feeding him any questions. And he’s not being grilled by any friends or siblings. He’s just so emotional after getting a kiss that he needs to vent about it. Now don’t worry, the emotions are good. He’s very happy about it. But he’s also kinda torn. I guess like everyone’s first kiss, it can be a strange feeling. It’s a good thing and it gives the heart a workout. But it also introduces the affection that comes along with a kiss and that can be rather aching. Wondering to yourself, does she like me as much as I like her? Remember going home from school when you had a crush? And even though you hated being at school, you wanted to go back because it meant you’d be around your crush again? When else do kids actually want to be at school than when they have a crush!? Never.

Crushes are the only thing that make school bearable.

The way he describes his emotions is just so hilarious. He uses phrases like “amazing” and “mind blowing” and “it’s mixed up in my head and heart.” Dare I suggest, this kid is really feeling all the feels right now! That’s pretty much it, when your head and your heart fight over which one wants to feel the most emotion over someone you like, that’s when you’re lovestruck. 

Something tells me this little guy is in love. 

What do you do when you’re in love but that young? I guess just ask your mom to give you an extra pudding pack for your lunch so you can share it with her. Part of me was a little surprised he got a kiss this young! Impressive, little guy. Man, I don’t think anyone wanted to kiss me until I was in late middle school. I was a late bloomer. Here’s hoping he didn’t fall too hard for her. As we all know, young love can be quite… fleeting. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing! 

Do you have a video of your child getting their first kiss? Or talking about it afterwards? If so, we’d love to see it! Send it HERE!

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