Man Fools Doped Up Friend Post-Surgery Into Believing His Napkin Is A Hamburger

May 16, 2018

Man, there is nothing more fun than messing with people who are still doped up after surgery. And let me assure you, this video is no absolutely exception!

Who knows why the guy in this video had surgery. It’s possible he got his wisdom teeth removed? It’s probably not something very serious. Why do I assume that? Well, because his buddy is by his bedside with a camera almost immediately following the procedure, well before the drugs have worn off, messing with him! Clearly they’re not too concerned about his well being if they’re pulling pranks within minutes! “Hey doc, will my friend make it? Why do I ask? Well, I’m just curious because I really want to mess with him before the drugs wear off!”

As the patient slowly regains control of his body, he clearly remains in a haze of pain killers. Like, a real stupor. You can tell he has no idea where he is. Which is simply an invitation to mess with him. As his buddy records their entire exchange on his camera, he tells the patient that he’s holding a delicious hamburger. It’s essentially like watching a drug fueled improv show. So without skipping a beat, the drugged up patient brings the napkin to his mouth and starts chewing on it. Not as delicious as you expected? Well, the cotton hamburger doesn’t seem to phase him at all. In fact, he just keeps chewing until his buddy finally puts an end to the joke. He probably would’ve tried to swallow the whole thing in one gulp. Alas, what are friends for?

Do you have a video where you pull a prank on a friend who’s doped up after surgery? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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