Man Rips Roof Off Camper With Tractor Claw While Friend Is Sleeping Inside

February 27, 2018

If The Office taught me anything,  it’s that workplace pranks are just a way of life. But some workplaces are more conducive to pranks than others. For example, a paper sales company is a much safer place to perform pranks than, say, a construction site. But that doesn’t stop this construction worker from wreaking havoc on his fellow employee.
This construction worker’s coworker seems to have fallen asleep on the job. I wonder where he could be! In that camper, perhaps?

He and his coworker have been in the process of demolishing several old homes and campers in the area. You can even see the shattered remains of their work scattered throughout the grass. Armed with a tractor and a claw, this man has been ripping decrepit vehicles, trailers, and homes all day! But there’s still one lone camper left standing. Could his coworker be inside?
He drives his tractor over to the last standing camper. He’s gotta finish the job, after all… OH NO! I guess that’s one way to give his friend a RUDE awakening!

He stops in front of the camper and the claw of the tractor descends over the roof. The tines of the claw cut through the window of the camper like butter, and suddenly a massive crack appears in its walls. It only takes a few seconds for the door of the camper to burst open. His coworker has kicked it off its hinges in an attempt to escape. He bursts out of the camper, running from the now collapsing camper. The tractor has ripped the roof almost completely off, and pieces of siding and roof flutter to the ground after him.

Needless to say, that man probably won’t be napping on the job again anytime soon.

Have you ever done any workplace pranks like this? Upload a video HERE.


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