Man Unintentionally Performs Ice Skating Routine While Shoveling Yard

June 12, 2018

Oh, a winter wonderland! There are so many fun winter activities to choose from. Ice skating, snowball fights, sledding, you name it, both kids and adults love it. However, winter comes with not so exciting responsibilities, too. For example, shoveling snow in your backyard.

Although it might seem like a simple activity, shoveling the snow comes with its own challenges. If you don’t believe me, just check out this hilarious video. As the clip begins, you can see a man shoveling snow in his backyard.

At first, he shovels away without a single worry on his mind, but then something unexpected happens. The man slowly drifts away from the little hill where he was shoveling. LOL! It’s the full ice skating routine! I kid you not! By the end of the video, he skated far, far away… He drifted in an unknown direction! Isn’t this the funniest snow shoveling fail that you have ever seen? So hilarious!

Judging by this guy’s skills ice skating isn’t so hard. All you have to do is stand up and let the ice do its business.

Well, here are some tips on ice skating. First one is obvious – don’t look down. It’s amazing how many people starting out in ice skating spend all their time looking at their feet. And it is logical to look in the direction you are going, right? So, keep your head up and look in front of you so at least you can see who or what you are about to collide with! LOL!

Don’t lean backward! Leaning back will send you flying and seriously hurting yourself. Or at least ending as the AFV star and YouTube sensation. The best advice is to keep your knees bent and your weight forward. You should your arms out in front of you and open them wide to help you stay balanced. Also, you need to know how to stop! One of the basics you’ll need to know is how to stop. To stop, bend your knees, turn the toes of each foot inwards, point your heels out, and push out on your heels. This will slow you down and bring you to a stop, rather than barreling into an unsuspecting tree. LOL!

I am sure this guy had no idea what he’s doing, but, still, he is amazing! I just hope they’ve found him in the end!

Do you have an interesting winter wonderland adventure caught on tape? We’d love to see that! Upload your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch a funny video below!

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