Messy Kids Vs Clean House…Who will win?

June 28, 2016

These Messy Kids Show Off What They Do Best

Messy kids are everywhere…of course, they are! We all know that kids and messes come hand in hand. Before you bring a little kiddo into your family, you might want to brush up on your cleaning skills. We are talkin’ laundry skills, vacuuming skills, sweeping skills, moping skills and even your scraping skills (for that strange stuff stuck to the carpet)! Everywhere they go, there seems to be sticky substances that just don’t seem to go away. The good news is, you will always know where they are because there will be a trail that leads you right to them! Kids can be extremely tough to clean up after…sometimes you just have to laugh it off and enjoy a silly and funny memory with your kid.

Every family has at least one messy member and we would love to see them in action. If you have any funny home videos of you and your messy kids, submit HERE.

These little tornados really know how to stir up some trouble, but we love them anyway.
1. That’s what we call cleaning!

This helpful boy got some soup on the floor and is going out of his way to clean it up. He goes above and beyond in order to keep the house nice. However, on AFV, we’ll see how his cleaning strategy is very unique!


2. Peanut butter heaven…or not?

These tots may be adorable, but they are also in for some trouble! This mom comes home to a mess of peanut butter covering her home! All she has to do is follow the trail of peanut butter that leads her to the bathroom and her kiddie culprits of the mess!

3. The intention is all that counts!

This little cutie tried his best to get himself clean, but ended up with a larger mess!

4. Baby powder party alert!

Let’s be honest, if there is something messy in your home, your kids will find it, they will play with it, and they will make a mess. This toddler has some real nerve because when he gets caught making a mess out of a bottle of baby powder, he doesn’t cry or apologize like most guilty kids that are caught red-handed.

Do you have any videos of your kids remodeling your house? Upload HERE! We would love to see!

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