Mom Films Boy Get Beat Up By Trash Can During Serious Chore Time Struggle

May 16, 2018

Chore time is a struggle for every family member. But that’s a part of life no one can really avoid. However, if you think your chores are hard, you should take a look and this video.

Taking out the trash is one of these extremely boring chores (like there’s a fun chore…). But when you’re a teenager, taking out the trash is even worse! Why? Because it’s embarrassing. Imagine being 13 years old, taking out the trash and bumping into your school friends or god forbid, your crush. So when you’re a teen and your mom makes you take out the trash, you’ll do it as quickly as possible and run back into your house like you’re chased by Grim Reaper.

But for this kid, things got complicated! You must be thinking, how could things possibly get complicated when taking out the trash??? Well, a windy day plus a huge trash can equals a DISASTER!

At first, it seems like this kid has everything under control, but all of a sudden, the trash can decides to fight back! The strong wind opens the trash can and the lid hits the little boy’s head! LOL! This poor kid ends up facing quite a fight with the garbage can as he tries to roll it out onto the sidewalk! He can’t defeat the trash can! It keeps running away from him! LOL! It’s like it has the mind of its own! OMG! The trash can knocked the boy down!!! He is down and the trash can is on a lose! It’s like this kid is taming a lion and not doing a simple chore… Hilarious!!!

In the end, the kid managed to tame the trash can, but I am sure he’ll be avoiding this chore for some time!

Do you have a funny chore video? We’d love to see it! Upload your videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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