Mom’s Road Trip Nightmare Is Pure Family Comedy

December 22, 2017


Moms can do pretty incredible things, like go without sleep for long periods of time, create lunches out of leftover breadcrumbs and pickles, and make people. But this mom discovers her hidden talent while filming her kids on a road trip. She’s a contortionist!

Here’s how it went down… Kids are getting jumpy in traffic so mom tries everything she can think of as a diversion. She suggests road games like finding the alphabet in the street signs and 20 questions, but the children are starting to implode.

In a last-minute attempt to keep the peace, she takes off her seatbelt while stuck in a traffic jam and suggests the kids sing their favorite song while she films. As her son launches into a spectacular version of “Everything is Poopy” (an instant classic) she leans back and…BAM! She’s folded in half in the front seat! And here it is, mom gets stuck!
This mom gets stuck in the front seat of the car and discovers her hidden talents!

Sometimes you learn how flexible you are by accident. But as you watch this mom discover her hidden talent, take note of the obstacles in her path. She is giggling uncontrollably, which makes untangling herself from the situation harder.
Traffic is now moving, which makes opening the door and falling out of the side a challenge. But her biggest problem is her need to use the restroom.

Let me guess, dad wouldn’t let them stop at that fancy gas station back there because he was “making a good time.” There’s no easy way out mom, you’re in it for the long haul. But once mom gets past the pee and the pain, she starts using her brain to get herself out of the hilarious situation. Watch what she does to get out of the front seat! She had to do it herself because goodness knows her family wasn’t going to help her.  Sigh. Parenting.

Moms can be super hilarious! You can’t ever get bored with them! LOL

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