Mom Is Judge And Jury When She Gives Guilty Kids Fingerprint Test

March 27, 2018

When you’re a kid, your parents are your judge, jury, and executioner. Not only that, but they’re also crack detectives. They can sniff out if you’re guilty of a crime better than a bloodhound out on a hunt. And while this mom KNEW her kids had done something wrong, she couldn’t prove which one did the deed. So, she did what any enterprising parent would do. She got a fingerprinting kit.
One of these three kids has been playing with the bluetooth when they weren’t allowed to. But who? This fingerprinting kit will have the answer!

The suspects are lined up in front of mom. Mom starts by presenting the evidence as is: the fingerprints on the bluetooth match that of her oldest son. She then goes down the line to pass verdict on each child. The first verdict she passes is on her daughter. Her daughter is found NOT GUILTY of lying in the first degree. She then turns to her younger son. Her younger son is found GUILTY of lying in the first degree for changing his story. Finally, she turns back to her older son.
OH NO! Her son is found GUILTY of lying in the first degree! Judge Mom will now pass her sentence…

Guilty both of lying and touching the bluetooth illegally, Mom sentences her oldest son to two days without the iPad, one day without playing outside, and no wrestling that evening. The two guilty boys look equally distraught. The sister is tries to comfort her younger brother who is already weeping both for himself and for the plight of his older brother. You’d think they had actually been sentenced to jail. I guess they’ll no better now.

“Court is adjourned. You may go in your room.”

Have your kids ever had any run-ins with “the law?” Upload a video HERE.


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