Mommy Monkey’s Big Trampoline Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

January 24, 2018

This is the story of how you ruin your children’s afternoon. It’s pretty textbook but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. It looks pretty painful.
This daughter and son have just finished off performing their own amazing trampoline moves. Now… It’s MOMMY MONKEY’S TURN!

She asks her daughter to man the camera while she gets into place in the center of the trampoline. She then instructs her son to move to the side so he doesn’t bounce onto the shed roof. Let’s all be honest, if she’d pulled that off it would have been an incredible trick on it’s own! But no. It seems she has another trick in mind.

Before I tell you what happens next, we have to take a moment to understand the science of trampolines. I know, BORING, but bare with me for a second. The bounce of trampolines doesn’t actually come from the fabric in the center. It really comes from the springs holding the fabric taught. So, for the most part, the fabric of trampolines isn’t made to stretch or bounce. So if something comes along that stretches it too tight… Well, let’s just get back to the video, shall we?
Mommy bounces ONCE… TWICE… OH NO! The kids are gonna be SO devastated! How could you, Mom???

Mommy Monkey busts right through the trampoline, splitting it in half. While Mom is cackling up a storm, her daughter seems more concerned with her mom’s safety. Meanwhile, her son is winding up to a heartbroken tantrum. I know if my mom had broken my trampoline when I was a kid I would have demanded another one. Then again, maybe it would have been payback for destroying her treadmill…

Hopefully Mom got these poor kids another trampoline though. But if not, maybe these goats will share their trampoline!

Have you had any hilarious trampoline accidents? Upload HERE.

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