Mom Turns On Lights To Find Baby Boy Covered In Melted Chocolate

April 20, 2018

There are probably a lot of mothers who share the same dilemma – Should I leave my hubby alone to babysit our kid? And I say – take a chance, why not! It might get a bit messy around the house, but one thing is sure – the daddy and the baby are going to have a hell of a time home alone together! This video here is an excellent example of that, and at the same time, it perfectly showcases that moms should expect the unexpected when dads are left to babysit their kids. Like this mom for example!

When she gets home from work, this is probably the last thing she expected to see – her messy baby with lots of stuff all over the floor. But the baby is so happy and joyful that moms heart melts in a second. And maybe dad even dad will have better luck giving him a bath after all this mess!

Well, everybody knows mom’s time is a bit different from dad’s time. Dads are more chill and tend to be more relaxed in their parenting style. This is why no one is surprised to see this kid covered in chocolate after spending the day with dad.

But this dad should definitely hide the chocolate away from his kid. Chocolate is beneficial for health, but only in super-dark form, and only if you don’t eat too much of it. Doctors say that you probably shouldn’t give chocolate or any other caffeine product to toddlers under the age of 2 years. Plus, all that sugar and milk fat is bad for you, let alone for toddlers. This means parents need to control how much chocolate their kid eats per day. This dad failed that assignment, however, I am sure he’ll do better in the future!

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