Moose Invades Family’s Garage For A Bathroom Break

March 16, 2018

Usually when an animal invades someone’s home they are not calm and collected. This moose, however, is as lackadaisical as we have ever seen.
A moose in your home would normally be an INTENSE moment…

Before we get into what the moose and the family actually do in the video, we have a few questions that we would like to ask. One, how did that big moose manage to get in to that garage? It does not appear to have a lot of space for an animal that big to maneuver around. Which is fine. However, other than seeking warmth we cannot fathom why the moose would back in to the garage. They are not like dogs who have to teach themselves to reverse, but still.
At first, we thought that perhaps the moose had gotten stuck. She does however easily move out of the garage. The family kind of follows her as she slowly saunters out of the garage. The guy behind the camera even asks the moose to come on back.
I was NOT expecting this moose to be in the house THAT reason!

The moose apparently did not like that or has no plans on coming back. Just as she reaches the edge of the garage she pauses. Quickly, we learn that she has paused to take a quick bathroom break before hitting the road. Some quick research from the Alaska Wild Life department tells us that the moose’s pellet poop exists that way because it is winter, clearly as seen by the snow, and moose tend to only have access to twigs during that time of year. Their excrement is a bit more “traditional”, if you will, during winter and summer when they have access to leafy vegetation.

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