Top 10 Most Famous Dogs on the Internet

August 7, 2015

Hollywood has gone to the dogs. Actually, that’s not totally true. The internet has gone to the dogs. Meaning, the dogs are in charge! They are beating out Paris Hilton for most shots by the paparazzi at red carpet events. They have managers, Rolexes, homes in Cannes and serious swagger. But, do YOU know who they are? If not, you’re about to learn all about the Top 10 Most Famous Dogs on the Internet.

#1 — You don’t have shades powerful enough to stop the glow that is MARNIE.

Marnie is something else.  Part loveable, tilting, tongue-hanging-fluff-ball, part bigger star than Tom Cruise.  Oh and if you haven’t seen her Vine account, you haven’t lived.  For example, here is Marnie at Ikea.


#2 — You can’t understand luxury the way TOAST understands luxury.

Toast is the dog owned by comedian, Josh Oshtrovsky, and this is Toast’s instagram.


#3 — MENSWEAR DOG is more of a hipster than your most hipster-ish friend.

I mean, Menswear Dog has got style! He’s got panache.  He’s got a million dollar wardrobe.

menswear dog

#4 — As human beings symmetry can be satisfying and really there is no better, symmetrical ball of fluff than BOO THE POMERANIAN.

Just look at those perfect, fluff-tacular proportions.  Makes you want to scoop it up and put it on a cone. 

And here’s where to visit Boo.         

boo the pomeranian

#5 — ‘Memba the 70s theme song: “…And then there’s Maude!!”  Well, we have our own version and we call it, “…And then there’s CODY!!”

The call of the Cody is one of the greatest cries of the internet and it should be heard by all.

#6 — Sometimes you have a hankering for a regular old lunch and sometimes you want some TUNA!

If there is a dog that signifies the very phrase “ugly-beautiful” it is Tuna and there is no doubt that “Tuna is gonna melt your heart“. 

tuna the dog 

#7 — Beau, is the spokesdog for office culture at AFV.  Sometimes you get a job that is so great, so fun, so inspiring, so funny that only a dog like BEAU can truly represent its utopian concept.

Here is where you can follow Beau’s instagram and HERE is Beau’s latest video. 

beau afv office dog   

#8 — Trench is an amazing Vine musician.  Maple is Trench’s dog and as you can see, MAPLE HAS MAD SKILLZ.

Who doesn’t want their dog to play the drums?  Answer:  Nobody.  

#9 — MARU TARO is an amazing dog living in Asia with a Pac Man buddy of his own and about 1.8M followers on Instagram.

maru taro

#10 — There is a dog named Lucielle Bull.  It’s instagram is called LUCYFARTED.

It displays images like this.  We can’t take it.  We’re done.

lucy farted instagram

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did making it.  As always, if you have a funny pooch you think we should know…UPLOAD IT HERE.

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