Mother Shrieks With Joy When Returning Soldier Son Surprises Her

June 13, 2018

The feeling of seeing your child return home from overseas safe and unharmed must be an experience that words cannot explain.  As a mother, I know the thought of my son going off to fight for our country would be an extremely difficult situation to accept.  But without these brave heroes, our freedom and power would not exist.  So I can only imagine how overwhelming the surprise safe return of my son would be, knowing that he is healthy, happy and alive.  We owe so much to our courageous soldiers for protecting our rights and our freedoms and risking their lives every day for our happiness.

This sweet Irish mom is donating her time sharing stories about her childhood in Ireland with an elementary school class of students.  Selflessness clearly runs in this family!  As she shares the tales of her Irish traditions, the kids are entranced with curiosity and wonder.  Her story sounds more like a fairytale than a realistic account of being a kid in the beautiful green European country.  Her accent goes hand in hand with her memories of Irish living as a young girl.  Her expressive eyes tell us just how much fun she had as a child as her words do.  I can tell you one thing…this mom was not ready for the surprise she was about to experience.  Before we can see who has walked through the door, mom shrieks and almost falls to the floor, overcome with emotion when she witnesses the person who just entered the room.  At first it’s hard to tell if she’s been overwhelmed with fear or joy.  With a giant grin on his face, we see it’s her soldier son returning home in uniform to surprise her.  He embraces his proud mother and practically has to hold her up as she can barely contain herself.  This has got to be one of the happiest moments I’ve ever witnessed, and to have it caught on video is surely something this family will treasure forever.

I literally got chills and almost shed a tear watching the organic emotions of these strangers reuniting.  It must be the mother in me as I can relate to the feeling of gratitude this mom is overcome with as she witnesses her son’s surprise return.  I’m sure the children in the room shared in her sense of surprise and happiness watching this scene unfold in front of them.  Whoever was behind this surprise plan executed it flawlessly, as this happy Irish mother had absolutely no idea that her son was about to walk through the door of that classroom.  Pulling off surprises, especially with this emotional magnitude, is so thrilling and when done successfully, creates moments that can’t ever be repeated or fabricated.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more organic and excited surprise moment than I have by watching this emotional video.  Her brave son is very lucky to have a mother who loves and appreciates him so much.  I’m so happy to see this family back together safely and reunited once again!

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