Musical Baby And Singing Husky Form Acapella Duet

September 12, 2018

What’s better than an adorable baby singing and a cuddly dog howling in the wind?  How about a baby and a dog singing together in unison!

This adorable baby and lovable husky are pitch-perfect singers who can teach you a thing or two about how to carry a tune! 

This video takes me back to a special time in my life when I was taking singing lessons.  Here’s the thing about singing lessons:  You have to practice for an hour every day at home, and your neighbors will hate you for it.

Getting better at singing doesn’t happen in your hour-long once a week lesson with your teacher pounding out keys on the piano.  It happens by stretching your vocal chords to reach insanely high notes on your own time at home.  This can be a very loud and very embarrassing daily practice, especially if your neighbors share walls with you.  Singing lessons are super expensive, so the only way to make it worth it is to put in the time at home and practice every day much to your neighbor’s dismay.

I did have one fan though.  My dog.

As I screeched out ear-piercing notes at the top of my lungs, my dog would sit on my bed and howl along with me.  It was mother/daugther sing-a-long time and probably the only reason I was disciplined enough to keep practicing every day.  My little furball had better tone than I did, I’m pretty sure of it.  Ah, those were the days!

Watch out American Idol, this crazy talented duo has a huge singing career ahead! 

As the baby belts out the high notes, this amazingly talented husky matches her with his powerful, deep howls.  The baby is definitely the leader of the group because when she starts to pound out her notes, the dog follows along and joins in with a nice, smooth howl.  

Singing acapella is really, really hard!  Carrying on without any music or instruments to keep the beat makes singing acapella a super hard skill to get right.  You have to nail the melody and the harmony and have a natural sense of rhythm that can’t be taught.  It takes years and years of hard work and training to be able to pull off a successful acapella performance that doesn’t totally suck.  It’s one of those things where you just can’t do it badly, or you will get made fun of forever.  You either have to be awesome or don’t try it at all.  

I could listen to this baby and dog sing forever!  They’re so cute and absolutely love singing with each other.  Dad is kicking back behind the camera enjoying the entertaining performance put on by his furbaby and his real baby.  What a life!  He must be so proud of how talented his little ones are.  Proud dads are the best because they have no shame in telling every neighbor, family member, co-worker and friend how talented their kids are.  Dads just love bragging about all their kid’s performing arts skills, and this dad is definitely no exception.  He loves his singing daughter and dog more than anything in the world!

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