Worst Friends Ever Dig Sand Hole To Prank Sleeping Man On Beach

March 7, 2018

Vacation is supposed to be a time of complete relaxation. We all work hard year round, so that every so often we can have the chance to escape from all responsibilities for a while and really unwind. Beach vacations are especially calming, because there’s truly no better place to sit back and relax than on a sandy beachfront overlooking the ocean in all its glory! It can be really easy to nod off and take quick cat nap in that situation, which is exactly what this poor guy did. Until his rude awakening…
Waking up is hard enough without having it happen to you like this…YIKES!

As he slept peacefully in his beach chair, his group of friends plotted and schemed the funniest way to wake him up. To their credit, the stunt was pretty extensive, and they spent a good amount of time setting it up together. They dug out the sand next to his chair so that he was now teetering on the edge of a big sand hill. Once they got close to complete, one of them started recording it all so they could catch their pal as he tipped over and fell into the makeshift ditch. Something about his facial expression after the fall tells me he was not expecting that, and would prefer to be back in dreamland! Meanwhile, his friends were cracking up…some of them literally rolling on the ground in laughter!
If my friend ever did this to me, I’d start planning my revenge prank ASAP!

Just give me a minute, so I can think of something equally as cruel. Most people would assume their “friends” would leave them alone and let them snooze, but not these guys. They should watch out the next time they try to catch some zzz’s though…

What prank are you most proud of? Show it off by submitting your video HERE!

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