Nurses Help Pregnant Woman Simulate Water Break To Shock Husband

June 11, 2018

Towards the end of a pregnancy everybody is a little on edge. So this woman decided to take advantage of that. When dad isn’t looking she gets a nurse to throw water on the ground to create the impression that her water is breaking. And it works. Boy does it work. It’s unclear where he’s going but the father to be runs like a tiger is behind him. Along the way he almost takes out two people that work there, another nurse, and a dog. I have no idea what the plan was but it’s pretty clear there was one. Around him everybody starts dying laughing at this poor man’s expense. And then keep laughing while it sinks in for him.

But the thing that really sticks out the more I watch this video is wondering where he could be going. My first thought was he’s calling an ambulance but he’s already at a doctor’s office. A weak suggestion is that he really likes those shoes and doesn’t want water all over them, but if that’s the case he really got out of the splash zone. The more pessimistic amongst us have speculated that upon seeing the water he decided fatherhood wasn’t for him, only looking back once he heard the laughter. Maybe he left the sink on at home and was on his way home and didn’t even notice his wife’s water breaking. The only solution I think we couldn’t judge him for is that he heard the sound and just freaked out. Sure it’s a little bit cowardly but it’s a survival instinct, and he survived. So in my opinion we can’t say he should do differently.

As with so many great videos there’s unsung heroes here. Big shoutout to that nurse who threw the water. That’s no easy task. She had to throw that water exactly on the mark, and get that cup out of the picture by the time the dad turned around. She missed her calling because that’s some world class athlete reaction timing.

And our second shoutout goes out to that dog. You know the rules: if there’s a dog in the video it’s doing great work. But this dog deserves a lot of credit for two reasons. First of all it’s willingness to potentially run into that guy is remarkable. Not many dogs these days have that type of devotion to the prank to do that. It truly is earning the title of man’s best friend. The second reason is it’s raw calmness in that environment. The nurses are cracking up all around it but it isn’t even phased. That temperament is exactly how it got itself into the brutal medical industry in the first place. If I was that expecting mom I’d look into that dog as a doula because nothing phases him. All in all a great team effort that really showed us everybody’s true nature.

If you guys have any great pranks with your significant other be sure to upload it HERE. And be sure to check out the video below.

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