Oddly Polite Samoyed Dogs’ Paw Raises Lead Treat Time

June 11, 2018

Boy, it’s incredibly rare to watch dogs take turns, especially when it comes to eating treats. I’ve only ever seen a mad rush for food when it comes to dogs. And to even see these two dogs coordinate taking turns of which dog gets the next treat, it really makes me think peace on earth is possible in our lifetimes! Okay, maybe I’m blowing it a little out of proportion. But the fact remains: this is one unique video!

Here are two dogs sitting together in the kitchen. But it’s not just any ol’ “sit session” in the kitchen. It’s treat time. Their owner is standing over them handing out treats. It’s basically Halloween night except no one’s dressed up and it’s for dogs. And the owner is making sure that one dog gets the same amount of treats as the other. That’s the way to not play favorites. That’s what you’re supposed to do with your kids, too! (Even though a lot of us know that sometimes it’s impossible to be entirely impartial. I mean, I love them the same, we all know that. But what can I say? One kid just tests my patience more than the other… I’m getting off topic).

Here’s the crazy part of this video. When one dog receives a treat, they somehow know it’s now the other dog’s turn for a treat. And how do they show that? By not extending their paw when the owner asks “whose turn is it?” Whenever it’s their turn, they make sure to “raise their hand,” so to speak. But when it’s not their turn, they keep that paw down. Fair is fair! Treats are treats. Let’s not bite the hand that feeds us. I can’t help but wonder how long this patience and maturity lasted. Is it possible this guy just recorded a few good moments between the dogs and by the time he turned off the camera they were already nipping at each other for more treats?

If there’s one thing dogs are not known for doing well, it’s sharing or portion control. Have you ever put an entire can of dog food out? He pounds it down before you can change your mind. I once made the mistake of leaving open the bag of dog food when I went to the gym. By the time I got back, my dog had basically eaten a week’s worth of food and barfed six days of it on the carpet in the living room. Let’s just say, it was not pretty. Cleaning that up wasn’t a fun afternoon. But who knows, there does seem to be something special about these two dogs. Maybe they just truly have the sharing spirit in their hearts. We salute these two cutie pies!

Do you have a video of your dogs getting along almost unnaturally well? You know, two peas of the same pod? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, do not forget to watch the amazing video below!

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