Owner Demands Apology From Unsympathetic Dog After He Ransacks Living Room

June 12, 2018

The trouble a dog can get into when you’re not home is pretty much limitless. Heck, your dog can get into trouble while you’re in the bathroom. They really are just like two year olds. Which is why it’s not a huge surprise, when this woman comes home, to find a couch pillow has been ripped to shreds by her dog. Man’s best friend? Not right now.

When a dog rips your pillow to shreds, he really makes a mess in the process, doesn’t he? Probably most dog owners have had a comparable experience to this video. You come home to find roughly ten thousand tiny feathers scattered around your apartment. They’re on the floor, on the couch and lo and behold, on your dogs head and in his mouth. I wonder who could’ve done this!? Lemme guess, the dog. And there sits your dog, right smack dab in the middle of the whole mess they just created. Acting completely oblivious to the fact that they’re about to put you through thirty minutes of vacuum cleaning!

Here’s the best part of this video. The woman holding the camera keeps asking her dog if he wants to apologize for the mess he created. And the dog can clearly tell he’s in trouble. How do dogs show that they know they’re in trouble? Because they refuse to look at their owners! They can’t make eye contact when they know they’ve been bad. Sometimes they even put their tails between their legs. But in this video, the dog very casually plays off the fact that he knows he’s wrong. He has nothing to say for himself. No apology bark. No whimper. No pawing at his owner’s leg for sympathy pets. Nothing like that. No, he just sits there with his ears down refusing to look over. Fine with me, as long as he knows he’s wrong!

I wonder if this dog got into trouble for what he did. Perhaps no treats for the rest of the week? How else do dogs get into trouble? Fewer kisses and pets that day? Problem is, dogs have such short attention spans he would have no idea why he got into trouble once all the feathers are gone. What a beautiful life dogs live, am I right? All they do is get love and attention from us. Two square meals a day, for free, mind you. And meanwhile, they just get to play in the backyard, chase squirrels and have a great time. And worst case scenario, they do something wrong and feel guilty about it, they’ll forget within minutes of the event happening. Man, maybe in my next life I’ll come back as a dog and just get to lounge and nap and play all day. Sounds pretty sweet!

Do you have a video of your dog getting into trouble? Or your apartment after your dog ransacked it? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, do not forget to watch the amazing video below!

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