Owner In Disbelief When Skilled Pooch Dominates At iPad Game

June 12, 2018

If you simply love playing video games and adore our precious canine friends, then this video is a true gem for you. However, I have to be honest. Even if you don’t like playing video games, you’ll be amazed by this adorable videos. The skilled pooch is playing the video game in the cutest way ever, and I don’t have a doubt in my mind you’ll absolutely love him.

I have to admit and tell you that I’m not much of a gamer. However, many of my friends are. And their favorite thing to do when they come back from work is to sit down and spend the night playing their favorite video game. And I have to admit, they’re very skilled. However, my video game skills aren’t that great. Well, they aren’t even close. LOL! But what I can play are those smaller games on my phone and on my iPad. I enjoy playing them from time to time, and to be honest…I’m not very good at those either. LOL! I think we have all realized I need to dedicate a little bit more of my time to video games, and finally gain some skills.

However, even though I’m not very good at them, we can all agree that iPad games are so much fun. They’re just the best when you need a few moments to unwind. And those games are really addictive, too. When you start playing a game, it’s almost impossible to let go of it. But did you know that dogs can also experience this addiction? It may sound crazy, but it’s actually true, and this video is here to clear all your doubts! At the beginning of the clip, you can see a dog sitting on the floor with an iPad in front of him. You can tell that the game is exciting because this adorable dog just can’t stop playing it! LOL!

And he’s really good at it! Even his owner is in disbelief when he sees how his pooch dominates at the iPad game. Just watch and learn! He’s been practicing, for sure! Who would have thought that dogs also have their favorite iPad game? Totally hilarious!

Now, I’m even more aware of the fact that I have to start playing some video games, and gain some impressive skills! Just like this adorable skilled pooch.

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