Panic Stricken Furball Has Anxiety Attack When It’s Bath Time

June 12, 2018

As a dog owner, I can totally relate to the dramatic scene that unfolds here when it’s bath time for this adorable furry fella.  Somehow, like a sixth sense, my little dog knows when it’s bath time before I even say the words.  Her trembles of fear and full blown panic attack are an act we go through every single time.  You would think that she would learn that baths aren’t all that terrible, and that she’s going to come out just fine.  But instead, every single time it’s time for a bath, it’s like a tactical game to convince her to head to the bathtub.  If she wasn’t nine pounds and I coudn’t pick her up, I don’t know how the bath would ever happen.

I think this dog mom can relate to my dilemma.  Poor little Smokey is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety because he knows it’s time for a B-A-T-H.  The soothing voice of his sweet mother doesn’t seem to ease his fears about getting sudsy and wet in the bathtub.  As he shakes uncontrollably, he gives his mom looks as if he’s pleading for his life to not have to bathe today.  If dogs could cry, I’m certain that Smokey would be balling his eyes out uncontrollably.  He REALLY doesn’t want to take a bath.  His little friend who pops his head into the camera for a split second doesn’t appear to have the same water phobia as Smokey does.  Maybe the real problem is that he doesn’t want to take off his super cool t-shirt?  Undressing and being exposed is definitely a valid reason to have insane anxiety and experience feelings of self-consciousness.  But do dogs have those feelings or just humans?  I would say by the looks of Smokey’s reaction to bath time that he must have something more than just fear of water.  His mom’s soothing words aren’t convincing him to willingly take a bath, as he cocks his furry little head side to side with eyes that seem to beg his mom to let him stay dry and clothed.

I bet even Cesar Milan has experienced dealing with pups who don’t want to take baths.  It turns out that if you take the furry little friends for a walk first, this can relax them and ease their nerves.  Many dogs naturally enjoy a dip in the water when they’re feeling hot and exhausted after exercise, so a dog owner can use those natural instincts to their advantage.  It also helps not to rush the dog into the bath.  It’s hard to stay balanced and live in the moment when we have a limited amount of time to get the bath done, but it helps to find a time when we can relax and focus on our furry little friends.  Dogs respond to body language and energy, so it’s important for dog parents to bring positive energy to bath time and make it a fun experience.

This dog mom definitely has a positive energy and soothing spirit to easy little Smokey into the bath.  I doubt his anxiety will last forever!

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