Panicking Mom Screams Birthday Candle That Looks More Like A Torch

May 16, 2018

This poor little girl is going to have PTSD every time she sees birthday candles from now on.

Here’s a video featuring an unusually giant and terrifying birthday candle. Even as the video starts, you can’t help but think to yourself, “That birthday candle flame is way too large for indoors.” It’s less a candle, more a torch. This sentiment is very quickly expressed by the mother in this video. The flame is way too large and it’s a fire hazard. Duly noted, says the guys around the table. Ugh, guys. They’re always so nonchalant with fire! It’s like they all think they’re fire whisperers or something.

Anyway, after a few beats, we see the huge flame burn through the wax, turning the candle from one large flame into ten smaller bit sized flames for the girl to blow out. Everyone seems a little more relieved, including the little girl who is no longer holding her face in fear! Yet just as she leans in to blow out the candles, someone accidentally drops a napkin onto one of the flames, catching the napkin on fire. The mom instantaneously freaks out and starts screaming for someone to blow out the napkin flame, which is then mishandled and dropped on the table. The video literally ends with mom and birthday girl screaming at the top of their lungs!

Sound like a lot? It sure is! But it’s also hilarious in hindsight because everyone’s just fine. I guess just let this be a lesson to all those fire whisperer dudes watching this video. There’s no need to challenge the limits of fire safety when celebrating your daughters sixth birthday!

Do you have a birthday celebration fail video you’d like to share? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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