Penguins Gain Instant Fame After Hijacking Passenger Flight

May 17, 2018

So many people all over the world dream of fame, and they work hard for it. However, these two adorable penguins are already super famous, and all they had to do was hijack a passenger flight. Trust me, this is the most adorable video you’ll see today! And not only that, it’s also very unusual. Did you ever think you would see two penguins on a passenger flight? Probably no. And for some reason, I think the people in the airplane didn’t expect it either.

The passenger flight from our video started like any other, completely normal. All of the passengers boarded the plane and were comfortably sitting in their seats. And then, the last two passengers arrived. And those two passengers were….you guessed it, penguins! How amazing? I wish I knew they would be on that plane and bought a ticket for myself as well. LOL!

As the two of them entered the plane, everyone was in complete shock! All of them were so happy to see these two cute passengers and needless to say, they were over the moon to be on that flight. I would feel the same if I were them. It’s a once in a lifetime event, wouldn’t you agree?

The owner was holding one of the penguins, and the other one decided to make a grand entrance so she let him go. When he was on the ground, he started walking down the aisle! Such an amazing sight. All of the passengers turned on their phones and started filming the entire situation. It was that, or nobody would have believed them they traveled with two adorable penguins. Hilarious!

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