Persistent Kid Insists He’s Batman Amongst Batman Imposters At Family Dinner

June 12, 2018

Most times mother knows best. But every once in a while it’s up to kids to tell us how it is. And this little guy does just that. When his dad merely lobs the claim that he’s Batman this kid needs about half a second to shoot that down. A bold choice considering none of really know the true identity of the caped crusader, with Vegas betting odds still favoring eccentric billionaire Bruce Wayne. But the kid’s strong statements don’t stop there, he then proceeds to explain that his father can’t be Batman, because he’s Batman. And just like that the two gladiators are locked into a fierce verbal battle.

The two go back in forth repeating the signature “I’m Batman” with ever-increasing rage. Until at breaking point the kid has had enough of the charade and reminds his father “no you’re Robin.” Against all odds this seems to shake the father out of his delusions, with the two seemingly agreeing for a second. Regrettably though the father seems to be more of a Loki than a Robin because his troublesome side acts up and he once again insists “he’s Batman.” Not surprisingly the kid doesn’t take this lying down, and reasserts roles once more. And finally when everybody seems to know their identity chaos strikes: Mom speaks up. This ladies and gentlemen is where a good video becomes a great video.

“Who’s Mom” she asks with an innocence that implies she has no idea what she’s walked into. The kid takes his first pause of the video and then begins reassigning roles, Dad is suddenly Joker (duh.) and Mom is Batman (of course.) But after Mom tries one “I’m Batman” it’s obvious to all of us that Mom doesn’t know have what it takes to fight crime 9-5 (PM to AM.) The kid then reminds them there’s only one Batman and it’s him. And while we’re at it Mom is Joker now (obviously.) But then Mom had to throw a curveball in it and ask once again “who’s Batman.” To which our protagonist keeps his cool and gives the answer: dad (we know this.) The kid finishes out the statement by doing the math and reminding us he’s Joker (it was right in front of you.) Finally there is peace at dinner, as the kid begins to get into character as Joker.

Hopefully DC was paying attention as a replacement if Jared Leto doesn’t work out in the standalone Joker film. And despite his insistence that the role isn’t for him he plays a convincing Batman. Possibly enough firepower to displace current portrayal Ben Affleck. However if history is any indication he might want to hold off from child stardom, and figure out why he assigned his parents as his mortal enemies. Me personally I’m excited for Christmas dinner when we find out which member of the Justice League Grandma is.

We’ve all had crazy times with family before share your video of it HERE. And don’t forget to watch this hilarious kid below.


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