Personal Trainer Dog Solves Couch Potato Problems

August 10, 2018

We all know how hard it is to get up off the couch and go to the gym.  No one wants to do it.  Does anyone really like working out?  I highly doubt it, if we’re being honest.  But good health and being fit leads to greater happiness in all areas of life, so it’s a super important reason to get motivated and get moving!

What if your best bud furball actually worked out with you?  Instead of snuggling on the couch together in front of the TV, your lovable pup would do the heavy lifting with you and motivate you to complete every last squat and push-up.  If you thought that was impossible, then take a look at this little boot camp dog!  

With flawless form and charged stamina, this crazy canine has got what it takes to get you up and doing jumping jacks in no time!  His core strength alone is enough to make any bodybuilder jealous.  This little dude not only can do push-ups like a champ, but he knows the various versions of the exercise like military and tricep push-ups.  I would hire this strong pup in a heartbeat to motivate me and get me back on the fitness wagon!


1.  Accountability

Whether you’re trying to lose 30 pounds or just trying to lose that last bit of baby weight, having another person to hold you accountable is key to reaching your goals.  Why?  Because we are master excuse-making machines.  It’s part of being human.  Losing weight isn’t an easy task, and working out definitely isn’t everyone’s favorite past time which is why it’s so easy to blow off going to the gym.  Having a personal trainer not only forces you to show up for your workout sessions, but it also takes out the guesswork about what exercises to do once you’re in the gym and confused by all the big weights and scary machines.  

People LOVE to try and do everything by themselves, and that’s why most people end up back on the couch after a couple days of self-motivation.  When it comes to willpower, we are our own worst enemies.  Having a buddy or a professional trainer around to call you out when you grab the Cheetos instead of the dumbbells will keep you from slipping back into your old habits.

2.  They know what exercises to do

If you’re like most people, you get to the gym pumped up and ready to sweat, then take a look around and don’t know what to do.  The big weights in the corner look scary, and the big burly dudes hogging up the weigh area look even scarier.  The machines look confusing, and you’re unsure of how heavy you’re supposed to make them anyway.  So you get on the only safe looking apparatus, the treadmill, and walk uphill for 20 minutes or until you’re bored to death.  Then you leave frustrated because you didn’t really do anything that was effective and will now have even less motivation to show up again tomorrow.

If you can relate, then congratulations,  you are 95% of regular people.  The gym is intimidating for so many reasons, and a lot of us just want to get out of there as soon as possible and back to the couch with our dogs and popcorn.  Having someone there for you who is knowledgeable and a little tough love-y will change everything about your fitness game and get you headed down the right track.  And if that “person” was your dog, the sky would be the limit as to how far you could take your fitness goals!

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